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A group that strives to help the community in many fields of the forum.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: April 8th, 2013
Owner: Plaтiпuм
Past Leaders MorchidStarstruck
Previous Iteration: Beacon
Next Iteration: Skill
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Guardians will be like no other group on HF. We will allow you to focus on whatever you happen to do best, from gaming, to graphics, and even debating. Those of you who believe you are alienated by the groups on HF based on your liking and skills, can be with peace in mind when joining our group; we are a family dedicated to helping you, with your goals and interests. For those of you who may believe that having an Ub3r or L33t status might increase your chances of being accepted to the group are sadly mistaken; new members are often some of the smartest and are the future of HackForums, as well as the Guardians. Within the sub-forum, each member will have their own thread pertaining to his/her skill(s). Each member of Guardians will help other members within the Guardians subforums and in the regular sections of Hackforums learn about their skills. This will keep the members of Guardians active as they spread their knowledge while showing off their skills.


In March, 2013, the user Dan. sold the group Beacon to Plaтiпuм for an undisclosed fee. Originally, the group was to be called “Black Knights”, however Omniscient wouldn't allow the name to be the same as a previous usergroup. After multiple name changes, the group name was decided to be 'Guardians'.

There was a delay in the ownership transfer following a dispute between Omniscient and Plaтiпuм concerning the graphics that would be used for the group. The group was formally changed on the 8th of April 2013, with their first recruitment thread posted the next day.

Current Status

The group was changed July 26th of 2013 to the gaming group Skill, with Plaтiпuм maintaining ownership.