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The Wraith
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The Wraith is the combination of years of achievements, skills and power of all its members in one entity. We are a group of free-thinkers, hackers, philosophers, ordinary people that don't want to be manipulated and abused. We are a group that fight as one, bringing down with any means necessary those who oppress and discriminate others. Our goal is to fight to our last breath, freeing the world from the clutches of the corrupt and the evil.
Status: Defunct
Type: Free
Owner: Hawkins
Past Leaders Crow • Furyan • Zammyslave
Previous Iteration: -
Next Iteration: -
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The group was basically set a free thinkers group. Various topics upon religion, politics, you name it was set in the sub-forum. There were philosophy discussions, conspiracy theories, only heard by the brightest and most out-going minds on Hackforums. The group has the most interesting, shape-shifting origins and only its members could read. The group at no means was created on HF and was never meant to stay on HF.


The Wraith was one of the first official groups on Hack Forums and was under the leadership of the user Hawkins. They were a self-proclaimed group of free-thinkers which had many discussions in topics which were under the banner of the SSRP section of the forum. The group was officially disbanded on March 26th, 2012 after the current groups had the choice of paying either $500 to remain official on the forum or be disbanded, and was moved off-site to

Current Status

The Wraith strove to be a group of free thinkers who fought for freedom of thought and intellectual discussions. No member would ever force an opinion on another, and they would defend their opinions with reasoned arguments and solid facts. In order to join, members had to keep an open mind to all topics, even if they had a strong opinion for or against it, and respect the opinions and thoughts of other members.