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The first rays of light that sustain a new day.
Status: Defunct
Founded: 12-16-2015
Owner: Night Fury
Leaders ๖ۣۜInfamyDerMensch24Mr.Cat
Past Leaders Water AuraNinetales.ka$hiKinkybzrΚ
Previous Iteration: Archive
Next Iteration: Money Masters
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Dawn's purpose is to improve the overall well-being of Hack Forums through education and guidance. Inside the group, members are provided with exclusive educational material to better their understanding of certain technical trades. Dawn's leadership hopes the newfound knowledge that their members acquire will be applied to each member's future endeavors and the experience members gain within the group is used to give back to the forum. Dawn is made up of multiple sectors and sector leaders within the group. Each area has one or more sector leaders and a group of students within that sector. All areas except Dawn Innuendo are provided towards education.


Dawn was officially formed on December 16, 2015. It is the fifth group in its lineage, with the most recent predecessor being Archive. Ninetales., Water Aura, and ๖ۣۜInfamy pooled together the necessary funds to purchase this group. Ninetales. was made the official owner although they were all equal co-owners in the investment. Dawn's original focus was gaming. From its inception until March 2016, the group's focus remained the same. In March, Dawn shifted its focus and launched its education initiative. During this phase of Dawn's history, specialists in some areas were recruited to teach Dawn's members valuable and useful information. The initial course offerings were in the field of graphic design, coding, and English writing. However, as time passed, it became apparent that Dawn's instructors were producing course material at an unsatisfactory rate for some in leadership. With that being the case, leadership started to explore the idea of changing Dawn's focus. In December of 2016, ๖ۣۜInfamy bought Water Aura's share of Dawn, thus making him both majority and official owner of the group. At that point, the group refocused on education, and that is where its focus remains today. ๖ۣۜInfamy gave the group to Night Fury for his hard work and dedication towards the group and the groups name. ๖ۣۜInfamy is still a leader currently.

Current Status