The Republic

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{{GroupBox | GroupName = The Republic | GroupBanner = The Republic (Banner).png | GroupUserbar = The Republic (Userbar).png | Userbar2 = | Userbar3 = | GroupDesc = The Republic is a family that demonstrates superiority throughout society. We are brothers in oath, we stand strong to live and protect one another. | Status = Defunct | Type = Paid | Parent = Serenity | DateFounded = December 15th, 2013 | Owner = Assault | Leaders = | PastLeaders = KyleWTF | PreviousIteration = Skill | NextIteration = Miners | Introduction = When The Republic got announced, not much information was provided about the group or what it stood for, other than their group description, which was intentionally vague. It became an all-purpose group that didn't have any focus. Assault & KyleWTF would invite those who would impress them. KyleWTF teased that it was a secretive group, but you'd unlock those secrets once you were asked to join. Only about 30 members were ever in the group at its peak.

| History = The group was bought by Assault from [[Plaтiпuм] for an undisclosed amount of money. The original intention of the group was to go alongside products that they'd be offering in the marketplace, but that never came to fruition due to problems surrounding payment processing. The group lasted for six months, and during that time it stayed relatively under the radar since they didn't have any public feuds amongst the owners, leaders, or members. | CurrentStatus = Rebranded to Miners by the same owner. }}