The Marketers (2021)

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The Marketers (2021)
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The Marketers is a group of like-minded businessmen and entrepreneurs who work together to achieve one common goal, creating profit.
Status: Active
Type: Paid
Founded: November 8th, 2021
Owner: -Scrub
Leaders ProofMullet MuscleDorrance
Previous Iteration: Achievers
Post Star:
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We are a collection of businessmen focused on improving the HackForums marketplace, marketing techniques, quality of hackforums in general, and monetizing methods. Our group requirements are vastly different than others to keep only the most HQ members in our group. We are also very active in the marketplace and we love to help others and help them succeed in generating revenue as well as marketing their products.


The group reappeared on Hack Forums on November 8th, 2021 under the ownership of -Scrub. He had gotten the rights from Tɦɛ Gʀiɱ to bring the group back to its former glory.

Current Status

The Marketers (2021) is currently active and the recruitment thread can be found here - [Official Group] The Marketers Recruitment Thread