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Sovereignty; lordship; dominion.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Owner: Lani
Leaders Lani, -๖ۣۜDivine-, Drake Bell, nick, hardcode, Keeper
Past Leaders ux1qhardcode
Previous Iteration: Black Diamond
Next Iteration: Polymath
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Dynasty was mainly focused on hacking hence this group only invites the most skilled members of this forum. The group also welcomed Pentesting, Networking and Programming enthusiasts. The group was divided into three branches, into the top, middle, and low classes. The top branch includes the leader, which are the users that'll make decisions, manage the group, and hold weekly lessons. The second branch is made of their core members, as previously said, the most skilled members, representing and symbolizing Dynasty. The lowest branch is for everyone who wants to learn and improve, and these users are not included into the official user group here on Hack Forums. This branch will be able to take part in weekly lessons hosted by the top branch.


Since Dynasty was one of two past groups with the most user group name changes (the other group being Legion), it has seen its share of good and bad. The group started off as Blackshades, a popular RAT service, and went on to become Valor, Terror, Black Diamond, and then Dynasty. Black Diamond, being the predecessor of Dynasty, had tarnished the official group name with much of the drama and problems that had occurred within the group's short life. The group got sold to Lani on September 6th, 2013.

Not much was known about the group other than what had been said by the leaders in their user group information thread, which was this: "Dynasty is a group of friends who can trust each other. Therefore; the only way to get in is to be invited." The group had a small member base.

Dynasty hosted their IRC but was later closed down.

Current Status

The group was changed to Polymath at the behest of Lani.