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Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Owner: Vitani
Past Leaders TopKekeroni • Brusk • TheChief
Previous Iteration: Null
Next Iteration: Malware Removal Team (2017)
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Notorious is an official group on Hack Forums, with TheChief as the owner and Vitani as the leader. The group mainly focuses on pen testing, malware removal, cryptography, reverse engineering, and botnets/RATs. The group is always seeking for members with vast experience in certain subjects and having a firm grasp on that subject. Vitani noted:

"Notorious is a group that consists of like-minded individuals with a focus on pentesting as well as crypto currencies. Aside from that the Notorious members are constantly working together on projects, bigger and smaller. Notorious has it's own little community who does fun things together."

The group offers many services and tutorials to the forum such as a RAT setup service free of cost which can be found here. The group also offers a help desk for those that need help in RAT's and how they work.

Notorious "famous or well-known, typically not in a good way."


TheChief bought an official group and decided to rebrand it to "Notorious". TheChief eventually gave the group to Vitani before he left Hack Forums.

Current Status

An active official group on Hack Forums.