Minecrafters (2011)

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Minecrafters (2011)

The Minecrafters is a group dedicated to improving the Minecraft section on Hackforums, as well as restoring and enhancing the original Minecraft gaming experience for Minecraft players everywhere.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: September 9th, 2011

[[Castle Bravo|Castle Bravo

Past Leaders Pink Flloyd • Barneyyz™
Next Iteration: Root
Minecrafters (Banner).png


Minecrafters was a group that dedicated their entirety to the Minecraft section of the forum, as well as running an official Hack Forums Minecraft server. The group wanted to improve the playing experience for all Hack Forums’ Minecraft players.


The group was purchased in 2011 by Castle Bravo and he decided to go with a Minecraft group. They had an official server dedicated to the Hack Forums name.

While Castle Bravo owned the group, he was being assisted by his chosen leaders Pink Flloyd and Barneyyz™.

The idea was originally provided by Pink Flloyd, as you can see here which received an overwhelmingly positive response. Needless to say, the community was excited for the new official Minecraft group, as during this time Minecraft was nearly at its peak population.

Minecrafters had a short run, however as just a few months later, they were rebranded by Castle Bravo into the official usergroup Root.

Current Status

Castle Bravo rebranded the group to Root.