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Panthers is a community that revolves around helping one another through creating a place where each and every member can benefit from the group's collective knowledge and power.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: June 27th, 2020
Owner: Zeus
Leaders CooliganXenNEROProof
Previous Iteration: Genesis (2018)
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Panthers is built on the idea of bringing people together to form a community that helps one another. Zeus was tired of being messed around by other groups after investing in several without seeing positive changes to benefit their members. He wanted to prove that he could make the most active group on Hack Forums. The group is one of the largest on the site, bringing together members from all over the world and uniting them. Through active daily voice chats, people are able to meet others and feel as if they are at home spending the night with their friends, all while being thousands of kilometers away. That is the aim that Zeus had when he founded the group, and it is what Panthers became.


Zeus purchased Panthers from MMLF on June 13, 2020. No more than two weeks later, the announcement thread was posted and Panthers officially opened on June 27. One of his good online friends believed in him and invested to get it started. He was paid back within the first couple of weeks. Cooligan was appointed as the first leader to assist with running the group and getting it off the ground, later being joined by Xen on the administrative side who helped to increase activity in the sub-forum. James was added as a helper to make things easier for the leadership team and was appointed as a leader further down the line. In the first couple of months, Gσđfαtђα was given leader but was later removed due to his lies, manipulation, harassment, toxicity, negative attitude, and attempted takeover of the group.

From the start, Panthers operated as a buy-in group. Users could pay a fee and then get access to Panthers and what it had to offer. Every dollar made through buy-ins is reinvested back into the group, allowing Panthers to break records on HF. It was the first group to have seven stars that could be displayed on posts. This was later joined by a backshadow and bold font style to make usernames stand out more. Panthers was the first group to offer free automated thread bumping as well. New members that join the group are made to feel welcome. They get help with how Hack Forums works and advice when they have doubts.

As time moved on, the user count rapidly increased. Both Nero and Proof joined the leadership team, offering monetary contributions and exclusive perks for members, respectively. Nero began a trend of giving back to the community through donations and contributions, while Proof enabled users to get the best bang for their buck when exchanging currencies through his 1:1 exchange service for Panthers. This allowed users to avoid the hefty fees that other exchangers on the forum charged.

As the number of members in the group increased, as did rivalries. Panthers and Gamblers often crossed paths and had disagreements. Zeus and Lavish Living competed to see who could reach 100 members before the other. While Zeus reached a count of 100 members currently on the site first, Lavish Living reached 100 lifetime members first, irrespective of the total count on the forum and, in part, due to the lower average cost.

The group has given away thousands of dollars to many Hack Forums users through contests and giveaways. Prizes were funded by those in the group. Monthly membership contests regularly take place to give users who might not be able to afford the buy-in a chance to join the group. Additionally, many giveaways occur internally, just for members of Panthers. The prizes come in a variety of forms, ranging from Bitcoin to a free Uber Eats order. Nero sponsors the latter, as well as a variety of other giveaways and donations, totaling well over $2,000. On January 29, he purchased a bold username style for the group’s members.

Many perks are available for members of Panthers, in addition to the giveaways. This includes things like free middlemen services from Cooligan, 1:1 cryptocurrency exchanges from Proof, free automated thread bumping, and a range of product discounts. The group has launched free wellbeing support as well. Panthers Anonymous allows members to get help when they are going through a hard time or need advice on dealing with addictions in a judgement-free zone. It proved to be a success. Several members of the group have used it to get help with drug and gambling addictions. Members are also able to receive financial aid through the Panthers Community Fund, funded by Nero, if they are going through extreme troubles and are able to provide proof beyond reasonable doubt.

Current Status

Users can join the group through buying in or participating in one of the regular monthly recruitment contests.