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The only limit to success is yourself.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: July 27th, 2017
Owner: Nex+
Leaders Makaveli The Don • The Illusionist
Previous Iteration: Echo
Next Iteration: Prosperity
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Limitless will focus itself on marketing. Our group will be a place for marketers to discuss and talk about marketing related topics and share their knowledge. We also have a wide variety of members with different skill sets, ranging all over from pen-testing, doxing, cryptography, decompiling, and more.


Near the ending of July 2017, Nex+ purchased the now-defunct group Echo from former group holder, Arrow. Nex+’s intentions were apparently not too long after the purchase took place. In less than a week, Nex+ had appointed Makaveli The Don and The Illusionist, leaders of Limitless. Less than two months after the sanctioned purchase took place, Nex+ created a thread in efforts to rid himself of Limitless for reasons unknown. Despite being met with several offers, Nex+ did not find satisfaction from encounters with potential buyers. This led to the official launch and recruitment of Limitless. On September 17th, 2017, Nex+ opened the doors for aspiring members and offered to let their creativity roam free by allowing them to create their applications. In spite of Nex+’s best efforts to intrigue users, the group covered numerous topics and areas of interest.

Those of which being:

  • HTML
  • Rooting
  • Cracking
  • Private Investigation Methods and Anonymity
  • Databases: SQL injection
  • Pentesting and Forensics
  • Adsense and Social Media Marketing
  • Investment Advice
  • Private Money Making Methods
  • Marketing & Business Law
  • Supply Chain Management

The recruitment had a small 2-day length, and while there was a total of 15 applicants, less than 30% of candidates got accepted into the tight-knit group.

On September 19th, 2017, Nex+ provided the Hack Forums’ community with an additional opportunity to join Limitless, this time being strictly for pen-testing, cracking, and rooting. Nex+ additionally changed the freeform opportunity to join the group, into a buy-in the only restriction. In hopes to oversteer the users of the steep buy-in price listed at USD 75, the thread highlights numerous features, such as premium tutorials, giveaways and prizes, and paid products that got provided with the user’s buy-in.

Current Status

The group is currently Active.