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Type: Executive
Owner: Omniscient


Moderators are members who moderate individual sub-forums(s). They can only close, junk, stick or unstick threads. They have the same permissions as Mentors. They cannot ban, or modify a user's profile like Staff. It should be noted that group moderators are different than sub-forum moderators. Group moderators are only able to moderate their own, private sub-forum. Forum moderators include group owners, sub-forum owners, and actual forum moderators who moderate specific sections of Hack Forums.


No history has been specified for this group.

Current Status

Moderators used to be part of the Moderators user group, but Omniscient no longer adds forum moderators to this group. To see a current list of Moderators visit the showmods.php page. Current moderators include Riggs, Hуѕтєяιa X™, Dan., Raptor., Funtela and MeshCollider.