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Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Owner: Dan.
Past Leaders N/A
Previous Iteration: -
Next Iteration: Beacon
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Serenity is a family like group wherein its members can share their opinions freely with one another. The group partakes in casual and controversial debates without fear of criticism. In Serenity, there is no wrong. It is only a family that is not afraid to have a voice. Only the most knowledgeable and open minded members of Hack Forums are invited to Serenity.


Serenity was a group founded and owned by Dan, centralizing around discussions and debates in a family-like setting. The group was made official on May 16th, 2012 and was invitation-only to members, although there was the ability to "buy in" to the group for a limited time, for the price of $50. Dan primarily recruited members who stood out in the Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Politics section of Hack Forums.

Current Status

The group was later changed under the same ownership to Beacon.