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Building the foundation of the future.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: August 22, 2017
Owner: ra1d
Leaders Dr. Scuffed • TopKekeroni
Previous Iteration: Novus Ordo Seclorum
Next Iteration: Superior
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TRANSCENDENCE is a group of fellows who are interested in the progress of technology, specifically hardware hacking, pentesting and the likes of exploiting vulnerable systems. Our main goal is to push the agenda of hacking, ranging from offensive, hardware and defensive.


Ra1d, also stylized and more commonly noticed as ra1d, purchased Novus Ordo Seclorum from former group owner zSerity in early August. After the long-awaited release, the group was officially structured and open for recruitment on the 22 of August 2017. ra1d had his mind set on creating a group that will be a highly discussed topic of Hack Forums for years to come. To assist in the happening of this, TRANSCENDENCE have numerous beneficial threads that will be released to the forum very soon. Though it is still somewhat unknown as to what exactly the group does have planned, one certain release is the publication of a group sponsored tool, created by its members. The focus of this tool is to heavily assist in gaining information on users, also commonly abbreviated to DOXing. To be more precise, a DOX is when you successfully broadcast identifiable information on an individual and provide it to the public.

TRANSCENDENCE’s main purpose is to "change the way thing are accomplished.” Providing clarity to this statement, in short, it can be prescribed as the way development on research, programming, hacking, information exchange, modern technology, and general computer science are foreseen. The aforementioned reasoning also heavily influenced the decision-making process the group’s name. In a thread posted by ra1d, he states that users ossified the name TRANSCENDENCE as they felt "it symbolizes the progress that a group of highly skilled individuals can achieve together, and advance multiple fields in computer science, cooperate on projects, and evolve their knowledge."

Upon the group’s opening, Dr. Scuffed remained the group’s sole leader, but not too long after, the user TopKekeroni became an additional leader of the group nearly two weeks after the official recruitment had commenced. In a statement provided by the organization’s Owner and Leader, ra1d, it is inferred that Dr. Scuffed and TopKekeroni earned the prestigious position of Leader due to their immense knowledge that the group identifies with. While the group is being led by two very knowledgeable members in their respective fields, this does not mean ra1d is sitting on the sidelines. He provided insight on the group’s chain of command, seeing as all ideas must be approved by him before it can be represented by TRANSCENDENCE.

The group currently offers four divisions; those of which being:

  • Private Investigation
  • Pentesting
  • Coding
  • Hardware Hacking

Current Status

TRANSCENDENCE is active and currently being led by ra1d and fellow leaders.