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Type: Upgrade
Founded: 09-18-2018


V3ndor is an exclusive group for those who are active in the marketplace and make an abundance of deals through the contract system. As this is an upgrade for marketplace sellers, it comes with a fee of $100 that can only be paid via cryptocurrency.


The benefits of being in V3ndor are as follows:

  • +/- 5 popularity power
  • Limit of 50 popularity per 24 hours
  • 25,000 PM box quota
  • Can view warning logs
  • Can view invisible users
  • Unlimited edit post time limit
  • Unlimited edits
  • Max post length is 40,000 characters
  • Private V3ndor forum
  • Ability to do auto-buy contracts

Current Status

V3ndors is currently applied for via Vendor Apply and requires a $100 upgrade fee if the application is successful.