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The Blackshades Group is a group for people who love to use Remote Administration tools, among other related software. The group will focus on helping the Hack Forums community learn how to use these tools, as well as helping each other within the community.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Owner: xvisceral
Past Leaders blackshades • BV1 ツ • Existence
Previous Iteration: -
Next Iteration: Valor
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We want people who love using Remote Admin Tools in general, not just Blackshades. We want people who are willing to help Blackshades, DarkComet and Cybergate users get their Rats set up. We want people who support the HackForums community by giving and being a generally good member. People who represent Blackshades well.
If you want to be a Blackshades Usergroup Member, and be part of the next Blackshades product developments as well as get your input in on the development of the current ones, being a part of a community that loves helping and giving, supporting Blackshades or part of a general RAT community, Blackshades is the group for you.


The group was purchased to benefit the customers who have bought Blackshades items. It was and remains the only group to have been created to support an existing product, and not the other way around. The group was initially focused directly on the Blackshades product line, offering support to members and giving customers membership in the group. Over time, the group expanded to encompass all Remote Administration Tools instead of just their own, and accepted members who were knowledgeable in a wide variety of topics.

Current Status

xvisceral was arrested due to his operations of the Blackshades project. In order to distance Hack Forums from the project, which had a large presence on HF, Omniscient allowed BV1 ツ to change the group to something else with BV1 ツ becoming the group owner. BV1 ツ decided to change the group to Valor.