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Instinct, the Legacy gaming group.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Owner: Vinnie
Leaders NobilityinxyTeh AfroExodus.Cloudy
Previous Iteration: Nightfall
Next Iteration: Axiom
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Basically Instinct is primarily a group directed towards the gaming community. We enjoy getting together to play games as well as just relaxing and having a bit of banter in the subforum. Many people have stated that Instinct is the funnest group to be a part of on the site. We promise you that there is never a dull moment when you're a part of the Instinct family.

Instinct is the group for gaming on Hack Forums. Accepting members playing on Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo consoles, as well as PC, Instinct encompasses the whole video-gaming spectrum. Whether a high-level competitive gamer, or a casual weekend warrior, Instinct offers the best possible environment to hone your skills and dominate your opponents within a community dedicated to gaming in all of its forms.


Formerly known as Lannisters, Instinct first came about to create a more relaxed and carefree gaming atmosphere on Hack Forums. Officially, Instinct's name was "*#@?&%!", but was referred to as Instinct by leaders and members. Throughout the group's history, in both of its iterations, members have engaged in high stakes gaming tournaments, held contests with other forum members, challenged other gaming groups or sectors/divisions of groups on Hack Forums, and held giveaways for various gaming paraphernalia. In its first iteration, the group was closed to make way for Nightfall, a more professional and strict gaming group. However, popular demand brought the group back to its lax and laid back state.

After certain circumstances which led to the closure of Vinnie's account, Omniscient put the group on sale for an undisclosed (negotiable) amount. Soon, Instinct was bought by Icy. for an undisclosed amount and the group's name was changed to Axiom (Wicked), although the theme of the group remains unknown to the community.

Current Status

This group is now closed.