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Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: 03-13-2016
Owner: Divined
Past Leaders -Sam-
Previous Iteration: The Black Lodge
Next Iteration: Sheepgang
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Squad was a group based around making money online. Divined explained that the goal of the group was together a bunch of like-minded individuals with the intention of combining their talents for the cause of making even more money. When you got invited to the group, you were under a probational period where you had to prove the value you brought to the team or else you would get kicked. Once you proved you brought something to the table, you were given regular member status.

The different sectors within the group were as followed:

  • Whitehat
  • Blackhat
  • Coding
  • Graphics
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Online accounts
  • CPA
  • E-Whoring


During its short tenure, Squad held just one general recruitment and one student recruitment. Divined attempted to sell the group just a month and a half after its creation for $7,000, which is $500 less than what he paid for it. The value of groups at this time began to decline, leading to Divined not being able to find a buyer and deciding to keep the group rather than to sell it at such a low price.

Current Status

Rebranded to Sheepgang by the same owner.