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Void of our existence.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Owner: Hexicidal
Past Leaders Phenomenal • iElement • Apathy • Snapchat™ • Call-Me-V • Juicy Booty
Previous Iteration: The Angels
Next Iteration: Nexus
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Void is a scientific discussion group. Our goal is to grow together as a community of intelligent members and thrive with the resources we are surrounded with. Activity will vary from section revamping, community threads, occasional verbal discussions with the community, and scientific explanation threads.

Void is a group for those to discuss what one wishes.

We are a mainly scientific discussion group, but discuss a wide range of subjects including philosophy, psychology, religion, politics, the metaphysical as well as many other subjects.

We are a group dedicated to harbor none but the most intelligent members on Hack Forums.

A variety of things occur in our sub forum. We offer a haven for those who wish to express their thoughts. With scientific articles, controversial discussions, and thrilling debates, only the most qualified are allowed into Void.


Following Sandshrew's attempted purchase of the group Logic, Hexicidal, having grown tired of the excuses which had been presented, requested ownership of the group back from Omniscient. On February 11th, 2013 a thread was created announcing the transfer of the group back into Hexicidal’s ownership. Later, on the same day, not only was the name of the group finalized, but a description had been chosen and a graphics request posted to create the new user bar for "The Void of our existence".

Despite the end result of Logic, Hexicidal's previously owned group with a basis in Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Politics discussion, Void still remains a scientific group. The reason being, simply because Hexicidal wanted:

...to offer something to the community no one else has.

On the 22nd, 9 days after the user bar request thread was created, Hexicidal picked out the user bar which the member Calibur had made two days prior and forwarded it and all details to Omniscient to complete the changeover of the group. At this point, the only members allowed in the group were those who had been a part of Logic before its open door policy, whom Hexicidal asked to PM him with the message subject being "Logic" in order to be added to Void.

Recruitment for Void was officially opened on February 27.

The group aimed to revamp the Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Politics section and provide intellectual discussion for the purpose of bettering one’s mind. One such action they had taken to fulfill these goals was the publishing of the "SRPP News". Unaffiliated with the official Hack Forums news, the SRPP News compiled the latest scientific discoveries and interesting threads for users to peruse, as well as featuring an interview with a prominent member in the Science, Religion, Philosophy, and Politic sub forum. Two editions had been published, with one being released each week.

When asked to comment on the purpose of Void, group leader Hexicidal replied with the following:

The group's purpose? The group’s purpose is to be the family it was prior to the transfer from my hands to Sandshrew. I realized that when I disbanded Logic and many members lost their interest in what Hack Forums was as a result. Creating Void was the best decision I could ever make.

Current Status

The group was changed to the League of Legends-oriented group Nexus while still under the ownership of Hexicidal.