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Eternal is a global conglomerate of skilled marketers and businessmen.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: 12-15-2016
Owner: Nex+
Leaders LUCKYMR7
Past Leaders Fiz • Young Thug • YoungThug.
Previous Iteration: Prism
Next Iteration: Incentive
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Eternal is comprised of some of the most talented and skilled businessmen and marketers. Each member of Eternal has been carefully hand-selected from a wide array of criteria. This ensures that every user representing our brand is an expert in their respective fields. Eternal is remaining invite only for the time being. The overarching purpose of this group is to give back to HackForums and to help enhance the marketplace. At the present moment, Eternal is working on a few projects within its own subforum, and in due time, they will eventually be released for the public to view and enjoy.


The group was rebranded from Prism by Nex+.

Eternal is currently going through the process of ownership change. From Nex+ to LUCKMR7.

Current Status

The group is currently invite only.