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Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: September 25th, 2016
Owner: ๖ۣۜNex
Leaders .Reef
Previous Iteration: Eternal
Next Iteration: Arcane
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Incentive was a group based on CPA, PPI, and affiliate marketing skills. .Reef made it clear that it wasn't a marketing group, but a team that had the intention of revitalizing the "CPA / PPD Make Money" section on the forums. Their goal was to share skills amongst each other, along with mentoring and giving advice to anyone new that was trying to get into the CPA/PPI field.


.Reef rented Eternal from Nex+ and rebranded it to Incentive. This arrangement lasted only a month before. .Reef concluded that leading a group wasn't worth it. There was nothing of note that happened during the group's very short lifespan.

Current Status

Rebranded to Arcane by Nex+