The Angels

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The Angels
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The Angels is a group of carefully selected and highly talented members. Our goal is to make an impact and help members throughout the forum. The gates for recruitment are always closed; invite only.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Owner: Sandshrew
Past Leaders Juicy Booty
Previous Iteration: Logic
Next Iteration: Void
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No introduction has been specified for this group.


A decline of activity and quality in the Logic sub-forum led Hexicidal to put the group up for sale. After a few weeks of deliberation, it was decided that the group be sold to Sandshrew and Phenomenal - who, at the time, was a leader of Logic.

Sandshrew was running his Pokeboot business alongside Phenomenal at the time of purchase and was not able to cover the full amount, but as this was not known, the purchase and transfer of the group went through. Complications in the process led to Phenomenal requesting to be bought out if Sandshrew was to claim full ownership of the group. Sandshrew owed Phenomenal a substantial amount, in addition to payments owed for his part in administrating Pokeboot. The total amount owed added up to somewhere in the region of $1.6K USD. To pay off this existing debt, Sandshrew misinformed Juicy Booty (another member he intended to go into a partnership with) that the group had been paid off - all that was needed was to pay off Phenomenal for complete ownership. Sandshrew then ended up borrowing $1.25K USD from Juicy Booty to pay off part of Phenomenal’s existing debt.

The group strived to present itself as exclusive and it was therefore decided that The Angels would strictly be invitation only, with only the most deserving members chosen by the group leaders receiving an invitation. However, since the group did not exist long enough to begin any undertakings or forum wide activities, little can be said regarding the type of members they were interested in.

In order to satisfy the down payment for the group Logic, Sandshrew drew together what little funds he had. He took out a loan from Tibit and Aeon <3 totaling $620 USD to pay Hexicidal. However, Sandshrew failed to pay Tibit and Aeon <3 back and defaulted on his first loan. Once the deal dispute between himself, Tibit and Aeon <3 was made public, the majority of his inner dealings were revealed. This led to Juicy Booty demanding a full refund of his $1.1K USD, as well as the payment for outstanding loans to Hexicidal and Phenomenal each, for the sum of $2750 and $725, respectively. Sandshrew also owed $50 to Soulzeh from a member contest he hosted.

By February, 2nd 2013, Omniscient had closed the information thread for The Angels.

There were a number of deal disputes raised to try and resolve the matter. Private Skype conversations were held with the parties involved to ensure everyone reached an acceptable resolution. By April 9th, Tibit and Sandshrew had settled their debt, with Soulzeh being paid off beforehand. However, in the case of Juicy Booty, it was later agreed that half the debt ($625 USD), would be taken on by Hexicidal and Phenomenal. Ownership of The Angels transferred back to Hexicidal and Phenomenal, while the down payment remained in Hexicidal’s possession.

After some ensuing drama over late payments, Sandshrew had fully paid off all debts, except to Juicy Booty. He was demoted to l33t, which ended the scandal over the borrowed payments regarding The Angels.

With the group back with Hexicidal, it was changed to Void.

Current Status

The group was repossessed by Hexicidal, who returned the group to its philosophical roots and ignited Void.