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Terror is a diverse community comprised of the most respected and most skilled individuals on this forum. We do not limit ourselves on what we do or what we can become, rather we strive to be the best and shine the brightest.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Owner: BV1
Past Leaders OrgybuggaBakedFroggy
Previous Iteration: Valor
Next Iteration: Black Diamond
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Terror was a group that had no boundaries in their reign of success and escalation. The team welcomed members of the gaming, marketing, programming, and general lounging community to become one and excel correspondingly, alongside one another. Users accepted into Terror were regarded as some of the most highly skilled members in their respective field. The primary goal of Terror was to be prosperous and fruitful they became. They never limited themselves to anything, rather they strived to outshine the lesser.


Rebranded from Valor on December 6th, 2012, Terror had a valiant run. Not too long after, BV1 assigned equal leadership roles to Orgy, bugga, Baked, and Froggy, who all played a significant role in the group’s triumph. Leadership got linked through the friendship the five users possessed. BV1 noticed common traits amongst the leaders, such as maturity, reliability, and trustworthiness. BV1 maintained full ownership, but despite this, his primary role was in the shadows, providing full trust and confidence within his group’s leaders. BV1’s main interest was to see the team’s success by smoothly paved with the suggestions and ideas of the group leaders; he provided input every now and again but believed they were going to be the masterminds behind the group’s conquest. There was one notable pothole on the road to success, however. While BV1 was on a leave of absence, he assigned interim team ownership to Existence and nearly one month later booted him indefinitely, due to stealing money and lying about his age.

There were no official divisions within the group despite being listed in the original recruitment thread. The categories listed were a rough outline of the group’s main points of interest and what the group was primarily focused around, but nothing got set in stone behind the lines.

The divisions are defined as follows:

  • Graphics and Development
    • Programming & Scripting
    • Graphic Design
    • Web Development
  • Gaming
    • Xbox Gaming
    • PS3 Gaming
    • PC Gaming
    • Gaming Discussion
    • Competing
  • Hacking and Computing
    • Server Administration
    • Exploitation
    • Hardware
    • Malware Removal
    • Malicious Purposes
  • Monetizing and Marketing
    • CPA/PPD/Ad Networks
    • ECommerce
    • Hack Forums Marketplace
    • Auction Sales
    • Product Sales

With the numerous divisions, sections, and points of interest within Terror came a surplus of resources being provided to the users of Hack Forums. The only ‘official’ project hosted by Terror was TerrorPVP, which was a large Minecraft server. Upon Omniscient’s release of HackerCraft, they both ran simultaneously, until Omniscient put additional efforts into the revival of HackerCraft, which then resulted in the migration of TerrorPVP’s userbase onto the opposing. Along with this achievement, were also numerous help desks, various upgrade giveaways, and dozens of tutorials that were hosted by the members of Terror, in the group’s name.

In early-to-mid 2013, BV1 decided to sell the group to Lani, closing the doors of Terror for good. BV1’s reign of Hack Forums was coming to a near end at this time and decided to liquidate all assets associated with Hack Forums, which in turn, lead to the formation of Black Diamond.

Current Status

This group was sold to Lani and rebranded to Black Diamond.