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Forum: Profile
Status: Active
Join Date: 07-21-2011

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Starstruck joined after being invited to join in 2011 by CAT Deliaaa, who was closed shortly after. The section that caught Starstruck' eye was the Halo section. That's where he spent the majority of his time, after signing up. He mainly used the section to find other people who wanted to play Halo, but not long after him being active in the Halo section he decided to start up a Halo Boosting Service.

Eventually, a friend that Starstruck had introduced to the site purchased a group and named it Guardians. Platinum was leading Guardians with Morchid, Morchid went inactive and the group was dead, Starstruck went to Platinum and gave him the idea for Skill, then Platinum offered Starstruck leadership. Starstruck came up with the idea for the name, graphics, everything, for Skill, Platinum just micro-managed the group at best. Skill opened, then Starstruck was given moderator of the Halo section and was banned for junking 1,000 of Jumanji's posts. While Starstruck was gone, Platinum and him got into a fight, and shortly after the group was sold.

After Skill had been sold, Starstruck joined the group Complexity, and started leading the Gaming Sector. After bringing some activity to the group, Judge Dredd made him an Official Leader of the group. After around 3 months Judge Dredd removed Starstruck from leadership because he had gone inactive (was helping his Grandmother who at the time had Cancer).

After quite a few years, Starstruck had sent a Private Message to Raptor. about possibly taking over the leadership position in Fusion and trying to revamp / bring activity back... But Starstruck had proposed bringing back Skill (Group) with the original graphics and whatnot.


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