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Others toil their entire lives to make a name for themselves, Some are just born LEGENDS.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: September 14, 2015
Owner: Raymond Reddington
Leaders Armada, mObiIe
Past Leaders DamienVC, MeshCollider, Bull™, Jyos
Next Iteration: Appraisers
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Legends is an official group based on a variety of fields and areas of expertise. Legends pride themselves on being the very best in as many fields as possible and do not accept anything less than perfection. Legends strive to share their knowledge with the community with guides, tutorials and contests. The Legends group is famous for the ranking system they use on their members, allowing them to progress and strive for tier 1 status within the group. Legends is considered one of the hardest groups to gain membership to, having never accepted any form of buy-ins whatsoever. Legends want to inspire other groups and members with their contributions and constantly evolving updates. Legends frequently work on a lot of off-site projects. Legends have a password protected sub-forum within the group called Syndicate. This sub-forum is extremely confidential and only tier 1 members within Legends can obtain access to the sub-forum. All sorts of notorious activities take place within the Syndicate sub-forum and no information regarding the sub-forum can be shared whatsoever.


Legends was purchased by Raymond Reddington for approximately $8500 Bitcoin. This was made possible after Illuminati was deleted by Omniscient.

Current Status

General Recruitment is currently open as of the 15th of February, 2017.