The Entrepreneurs

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The Entrepreneurs
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The Entrepreneurs is a business minded group which encourages the personal & economic growth of its members.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: July 13th, 2017
Owner: Formula1
Leaders Chief. • Froggy • Fade • Kɪɴɢ
Past Leaders Realizm • Cloud
Previous Iteration: Royalty
Next Iteration: Socialites
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The Entrepreneurs is an official group based on everything regarding businesses and marketing, including digital marketing, data analytics, copywriting, advertising, psychology, business management, money management, investing, growth hacking, coding and computer science. The Entrepreneurs aim to help group members with their personal economical growth. There is currently a crypto sector within the group which focuses on cryptocurrencies and everything involving them such as investments and investment strategies, tools, resources, crypto technology and mining. Members in the crypto sector of The Entrepreneurs are expected to frequently participate in group projects and are held to a very high standard. Members in the crypto sector of The Entrepreneurs have access to a private password protected sub-forum in which all of their projects, tutorials, resources and more are discussed..


The Entrepreneurs was founded on July 13th, 2017 following the purchase of Royalty for $5,100 which was described as an impulse buy by Formula1. After one day of inviting members, group owner Formula1 decided that he didn't like the direction of where the group was going and consequently kicked everyone except leaders from the group. Formula1 stated that the group was too general and instead he would rather have sectors within the group.

Current Status

The Entrepreneurs are currently active and recruitment for the group is currently open.