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Studio is the official group for all your entertainment needs. We focus on music, movies, television, production, and editing, with a knowledgeable member base to match. Whether you're an enthusiast or an entertainer, Studio provides a relaxed environment to share and discover new interests.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: 08-14-2014
Owner: Assault
Past Leaders Frostix, Tweety.
Previous Iteration: The Republic
Next Iteration: AnimeFAN!
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Studio was a group for media enthusiasts, including music, movies, television series, radio, graphics and other media related subjects. Members of Studio participated in movie nights, and discussed their favorite television shows, songs and artists. Studio often held podcasts, and members were encouraged to spend time in the group's designated TeamSpeak server, where group members could watch movies and listen to music together whilst bonding, creating a family-like aura within the group. Studio members had fairly relaxed requirements and the group held several recruitment stages, leading to a various range of members. However all Studio members shared the same love and passion for anything media related.


Studio was an official group that emerged after Assault felt as though his previous group The Republic had no common goal, thus Studio was formed. Studio eventually steered away from the original goal set for the group, leading Assault to once again re-brand his group to AnimeFAN!.

Current Status

The group was re-branded to AnimeFAN! by Assault.