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The Revolution
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We are strictly devoted to keeping ourselves united through hard work and dedication.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: December 27th, 2014
Owner: beslim
Past Leaders Fox™ • ibennz • Orchid • Dorrance • Vape
Previous Iteration: The Empire
Next Iteration: Fortune
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The Revolution aims to change and improve the experience many users have on the site [Hack Forums]. We're here to help, and improve. This group focuses on a tight-knit relationship between its core members.
Fox™, The Revolution


The Revolution, also commonly shortened to Revolution, was a group mainly led by Fox™, ibennz, Orchid, Dorrance, and Vape. The Revolution was strictly devoted to keeping themselves united through hard work and dedication. The Revolution’s primary focus was to maintain a significant level of unification through community assistance and friendship. An underlying outlook of Revolution was to essentially ‘teach wealth’ available through a form of payment. The group’s entirety was made possible for anyone with pocket change, which in turn profoundly affected group prices. The group offered multiple help desks providing aid where group members specialized in, those of which have been deleted.

Any member who paid a sufficient amount was able to create their designated division, along with two or three co-leaders who were required to fulfill their quota additionally. The leaders of said divisions were unable to remove other leaders or co-leaders, though could request expulsion to group owner, beslim.

The divisions within The Revolution, before closing were as follows:

  • General
  • Marketing
    • Student Marketing
  • Coding
  • CPA/E-whore

On February 13, 2015, The Revolution was rendered defunct, as it was then rebranded to Fortune, per beslim’s decision.

Current Status

The group is now defunct and was rebranded to Fortune.