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Nightfall is a group pioneering a new medium concerning activity and nothing but fun for the gaming community of Hack Forums.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: 11-14-2014
Owner: Vinnie
Past Leaders inxyJervNobilityTeh AfroMoesephNivarkavurezoZach
Previous Iteration: Instinct
Next Iteration: Instinct
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Nightfall strived to be one of the most active groups on Hack Forums, revolving specifically around gaming. Team members were expected to stay very active and committed. They held a variety of recruitments for different games such as Runescape, Minecraft, League of Legends, as well as general public recruitments.


The group was re-branded on 14th November 2014 from it's preceding iteration, Instinct. Vinnie, Instinct's leader, felt as if the group needed a change. Nightfall withheld similar concepts to that of its prior branding, basing itself around gaming. The leaders of the group held an array of recruitments for plenty of big games. The skill level of members was not assessed, therefore allowing diversity within the group. There were those top tier players, as well as vast amounts of casual gamers.

On the 26th of March 2015, Omniscient suspended the group for one month as leaders and members of Nightfall were caught harassing and rep abusing other members of the wider community. All the group forums were closed, all leaders got removed and the owner, Vinnie, was suspended. Omniscient stated:

"If this continues I will just shut down the group permanently and close all accounts involved. Last warning anyone involved will get."

After the suspension, Vinnie re-branded the group back into its prior iteration, Instinct.

Current Status

The group is currently defunct. It was reverted to its original iteration, Instinct, upon both the group and Vinnie's suspension ending on the 26th of April 2015.