Fly By Night

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Fly By Night
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Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Owner: Sai
Past Leaders Unreputed • Sasori • Invisus • Pharoah • Flashy.
Previous Iteration: Graphic Masters
Next Iteration: Specialists
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We are currently recruiting all forms of art as long as you are dedicated and passionate about your craft. Contrary to popular belief, our sub forum is not overflowing with tutorials and guides, because our members are beyond that stage. The purpose of the group is to give artists a place to socialize and share work with like minded others. We are accepting all forms of art ranging from literature to music.


Fly By Night was a graphics and media group meant to expand the remit of what was previously Graphic Masters. Instead of limiting itself to traditional and computer graphics, Fly By Night aimed to encompass art of all forms including music, photography, literature, radio, and more. The group operated various artistic initiatives, such as the Student programme, their Showcases, and the Ripper Police.

After long-time leader Unreputed was banned for reporting Mentor Positive's account for publicly showcasing sexually explicit homosexual pornography, the group came under increasing pressure from site staff. This eventually culminated in leaders and group veterans voluntarily closing their accounts, and Sai sold the group. Fly by Night moved offsite to its own forum, which has since closed down.

Current Status

The group was sold to Bull™, who changed the group to Specialists.