The Creed

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The Creed
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The Creed is a Brotherhood where unknown things happen. We intend to help each other and the community out. Who knows, The Creed might just be right for you.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: August 8th, 2012
Owner: EKNOZ
Past Leaders Primal Rage • xDowwdeen • Syperus •
Previous Iteration: -
Next Iteration: -
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The group was formed because of the friendship between the leaders. They each agreed to pitch in money for the initial deposit and were on a payment plan for the ownership of the group. After the group was formed, all of the leaders agreed on several things that The Creed should stand for.

"All the other groups and most of there [sic] lame excuses for a group is 'to help the community'. No offense but there not helping." -Primal Rage.


The Creed was a Hack Forums group dedicated to treating their members as family, and assisting the forum in all aspects rather than focusing on one thing in particular. The group was founded in August of 2012, at the same time as the Empire group was formed which was owned by Tibit.

Current Status

The group failed to meet monthly payments which led to the its deletion from Hack Forums.