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Want to game? Game on with SheepGang.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: 05-05-2016
Owner: Divined
Past Leaders -Sam-Mojo™
Previous Iteration: Squad
Next Iteration: Kingpin
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SheepGang was primarily a gaming group that hosted multiple tournaments across various platforms and video games. The leaders placed members into one of the two teams within the user group, the white or black sheep. The purpose of the group was to provide a competitive gaming environment for the wider Hack Forums community. To be in the group, you were required to possess three main traits: patience, dedication, and cooperation.


SheepGang was originally an off-site group of friends that regularly played video games together. It was founded in early 2013, although the official Hack Forums group got established on May 5th, 2016. Divined initially planned on selling the previous iteration, Squad, but due to Fusion's lack of activity, he decided to re-brand into a gaming group. -Sam- was dropped as a leader when the re-brand occurred and one of the original off-site members, Mojo™, was given his position. Divined wanted to provide the community with an active group where people interested in video games could play, compete and discuss video games together. He attempted to organize competitions between gaming groups, but plans often fell through. The general activity of the group was immense near the beginning but gradually diminished as time progressed. Divined decided to sell the group upon needing money for some issues he was having in real life.

Current Status

This group was sold to V For Vendetta. who re-branded it into the subsequent iteration, Kingpin. The price paid for the user group remains undisclosed.