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The Writers of Hack Forums are a group of members who are allowed to edit the HF Wiki, HF News, and Help Documents.
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Status: Active
Join Date: 05-10-2019

The Plug (Award).pngGhoul (Award).pngCat Lover (Award).pngMr Monopoly (Award).pngOmners (Award).pngAstropink (Award).pngRich Bitch (Award).pngSpy (Award).pngAce of Spades (Award).pngTestified (Award).pngAsswipe (Award).pngLounge Head (Award).pngLegalize It (Award).pngPurple Haze (Award).pngLegalize It (Award).pngLegalize It (Award).pngPurple Haze (Award).pngLegalize It (Award).pngHackúman Killer (Award).pngCheap Skate (Award).pngCorona Virus (Award).pngSportsBook (Award).pngCheap Skate (Award).pngEveryday Ninja (Award).pngBusinessman (Award).pngGreen Apple (Award).pngHeart of Generosity (Award).pngQuickly Loved (Award).pngMaster Donator (Award).pngHack Friday (Award).pngEuthanasia (Award).pngDainamic (Award).pngBinance Dance (Award).pngMember of the Month (Award).pngFile:Phreak (Award).pngDicey (Award).pngEmerald Heart (Award).pngOctoberfest 2021 (Award).pngSapphire of Ub3r (Award).pngFile:Hot Wheels (Award).pngPizza (Award).pngBytes Bag (Award).pngHackúman Egg Emerald (Award).png


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