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The Empire
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The Empire is a group of dedicated individuals that will share knowledge within our private sub-forum on a variety of subjects.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: February 2012
Owner: Tibit
Past Leaders Yellows • Froggy • Eternal. • Prox • Aeon ‹3 • KyleWTF • Endanger™ • Natha • Farmer • SoulZeh • Detroit • Existence • 630 • Hades • Sh1eld • Chief • #Thunder • xadamxk • Judge Dredd • Evangelist • vitafortis • Troye • Judge Dredd • Vitafortis • Evangelist • #Thunder • Detroit
Next Iteration: Revolution
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The Empire was a group dedicated to increasing the quality of Hack Forums and providing assistance to new and old members. The Empire was highly considered as a family-like group and members within the group were all extremely close and very good friends. The Empire aimed to set an example to all other groups and members on Hack Forums, constantly posting tutorials, guides, help desks, contests and giveaways. The Empire had an extensive list of leaders and encouraged members to work towards achieving great things. The Empire was one of the longest standing groups in the history of Hack Forums. Group projects were frequently set for members with an extremely extensive variety of topics and subjects for said projects.


The Empire was founded in February 2012 as a non-official group. Shortly after, a joint purchase was made by Tibit, 630, Hades and Detroit in August 2012, officializing the group. Tibit paid the most towards the group, thus he became the official owner on-site. The group was eventually sold to beslim.

Current Status

beslim purchased The Empire and re-branded the group to Revolution.