SheepGang (2017)

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SheepGang (2017)
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Want to game? Game on with SheepGang.
Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Founded: 05-19-2017
Owner: Divined
Leaders #Doge • cuck • Daddy • illuminati▲ • KelseyM
Past Leaders Dead Prince
Previous Iteration: Genesis
Next Iteration: Terminal
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SheepGang was primarily a gaming group that hosted multiple tournaments across various platforms and video games. The leaders placed members into one of the two teams within the user group, the white or black sheep. The purpose of the group was to provide a competitive gaming environment for the wider Hack Forums community. To be in the group, you were required to possess three main traits: patience, dedication, and cooperation.


Upon SheepGang's arrival to the community Divined started a contest, a contest between groups. He challenged Skill, also a gaming group to a tournament of money for the community. Within 24 hours of his thread going live it then disappeared.

Skill Diss Song by SheepGang Invitation to Skill

SheepGang was listed for sale only 29 days after being founded by Divined.

Current Status

SheepGang is currently for sale here