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Status: Defunct
Type: Paid
Owner: Castle Bravo
Past Leaders KawaiiViral DragonRyanC • Starfall
Previous Iteration: Minecrafters
Next Iteration: -
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Root was a group formed with the intention of bringing together individuals particularly interested in computing related topics. While it is best known for being a group which primarily discussed issues related to hacking, Root was originally about sharing knowledge in any and all computing topics.

Root, is a computing based group which has no limits, boundaries, and the sky is the limit. We at Root would like to welcome members into our tight knit group openly and encourage users to learn, discuss, help, teach and overall just assist the members in the group sub-forum as a whole.

While we have no public requirements, it can be expected that you would need to be confident, intelligent, and at least half good with a computer. We don't discriminate. You're welcome into the group, no matter if you are a programmer, webmaster, or even a hardware monkey. We don't want to limit our members to just particular areas, with this in mind, and we would like users to expand their knowledge to whole new levels while in this group.


Previously, the group was known as Minecrafters. It got later rebranded into Root by the owner, Castle Bravo, as Minecrafters disbanded due to the inactivity which followed the resetting of the Hack Forums Minecraft server. The original purpose of Root got officially announced on the 10th of April 2012. Where Castle Bravo and Viral Dragon (Leader at that time) declared that the group is a general-purpose computing group which aimed to share knowledge related to computing and offers general help to members of the group.

On the 8th of June, 2012, Castle Bravo posted two threads announcing that Root is accepting all applicants, which were closed two days after. On the 11th of June, 2012, a day following the apparent end of the incident as mentioned above, Castle Bravo put the group up for auction starting at $250 (USD). The auction ended on the 21st of June, 2012, with Ignite offering the highest bid of $2,100 (USD). However, Castle Bravo did not follow through with selling the group. On the 29th of July, 2012, Castle Bravo further presented his doubts about Root's direction by requesting the opinion of Hack Forums members via a public thread regarding whether or not he should bring back Minecrafters. However, Root remained. One last time, Castle Bravo attempted to sell Root at a starting bid of $4,000 (USD), or $4,500 (USD) buy-it-now. However, the group did not sell and continued to remain under the ownership of Castle Bravo. Somewhere between these events, Castle Bravo gave Starfall and RyanC full reign over the group as leaders and became detached from the group's affairs. It was the time the group focused on hacking related topics. The group was very exclusive, and just about all activity was off-site in the group's private IRC.

Unfortunately, particular members of the group (mainly RyanC) associated themselves with disallowed black-hat activity and caused general mischief on the forums, causing Omniscient to exile said members from Hack Forums and removed the group.

The Root group is closed. Unfortunately incident after incident with their leadership has left me with no choice but to remove them from this website. I cannot tolerate members or staff being harassed by a group. I've tried to respect members knowing that some very skilled people were in the group but when that respect is not shown in return and even replaced with disrespect then I'm gonna have to do what I have to do.

Current Status

The group no longer exists. It was not rebranded into a new group: it was deleted.