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Type: Special
Founded: 04/17/2017


This promotion-based group was added to the site on April 17th, 2017, under the name ‘R3KT’ and is a group for members who have met certain requirements set by the site administrator, Omniscient. A member that is in R3KT does not have to pay any joining or renewal fees.


The benefits of receiving the R3KT status are as follows:

  • Must be Ub3r.
  • Must have 1000+ reputation.
  • Must have 1000+ post count.
  • Must have 1000+ days on your account age.

Current Status

Users will automatically be invited into the usergroup once they have meet the aforementioned requirements. All R3KT users now have:

  • A reputation power of +4/-4.
  • Their reputation limit being increased to 6 (originally 5) in a 24 hour period.


R3KT Group