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Join Date: 08-04-2013

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The first time I registered on Hack Forums was back in 2011 (the account was closed due to inactivity, hence I was allowed to create a new account). I have no clue why I registered nor when I discovered the website. Looking at my posts it's always as if I were already a part of the community suggesting some of my first posts may have been pruned or I'd been lurking for a very long time beforehand. The second time I registered on Hack Forums, which is this very account, was due to me being influenced by Kristoff to join the forum. We met over a Minecraft Bitcoin casino called BitVegas. Again, I have no clue how I even got into Bitcoin, it's just always been with me for some odd reason, I even have slight memories of mining Bitcoin many, many years ago. I wish I could've told you the full story, but my Skype logs only goes 1 year back.

My goal was to gain 100 reputation points, and Ub3r. My new goal are to be the user with the highest amount of reputation, although I'm not forcing it, I'm achieving it slowly but steadily through a method I've coined "not being a dick".


Not available at this time.

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Video Games
  • Bitcoin