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๖ۣۜNex has had an interesting time at Hack Forums and within his Feedback Thread revealed this:

The Beginning

My journey first started on Hack Forums when a friend of mine from was booting me offline whilst I was playing an online game called RuneScape (as you can see, my name is "Nex" a god war dungeon boss on RuneScape). I was big into RuneScape, being a maxed player with 120 Dungeoneering, 99 in every stat, all quests complete, you name it. One day while I was playing RuneScape, my friend kept hitting my connection offline (yeah some friend, I know right?); anyways I inquired as to how he was doing it, and he mentioned something about a 'booter'. Seeing as I was simply a gamer, I had no idea what a booter was at the time. He referred me to the booter, and a quick google search of the booter brought up Hack Forums. Ever since that day, I was a member of Hack Forums.

When I had first joined the forum, I was a complete noob, and I was unaware of many things. However, as you can clearly see, I acquired a vast amount of knowledge very quickly, and I became cognizant as to how the forum operated. TL;DR, major shoutout to my friend, as well as RuneScape, as I would have been unaware of this forum's existence if not for them.

My First Program

After joining via RuneScape, I always had a keen interest about hacking accounts as it occurred to me multiple times on RuneScape, which resulted in me losing millions and millions of virtual currency off of the game. So, I purchased a keylogger (I was still a skid, I know I should have purchased a RAT) with the money I made off selling gold (RS Virtual Currency). My friend and I ended up hacking RuneScape accounts for money after getting familiar with the aforementioned programs. We had obtained billions of gold on RuneScape, and we were accumulating billions every week. During that time, I had written a private script that we used to target people on the game with a lot of money, and it was targeting them to download our programs. After hacking a few billion gold pieces, I heard that I should get a RAT for more control than I could with a keylogger. So then, I ended up purchasing a RAT (Remote Administration Tool), which ended up in us accumulating billions of gold every few days. We were receiving so much gold, we couldn't sell it at a fast enough pace. After about five months of this, we had accumulated a total of over 250 billion gold on RuneScape. At the end of our venture, we ended up splitting our stash in half, and I had received well over five digits worth at the end. At the conclusion of this interesting venture for capital gain, I was seeking for another way to make money. This is when I moved onto the marketplace on Hack Forums.

The Marketplace

Entering the Marketplace revolutionized my Hack Forums experience. I had never sold a product before, and I felt like I would need to learn a lot before I felt accustomed to doing so. After a lot of experience in the Marketplace however, I can honestly say that the Marketplace is an absolute gold mine. I first started off in the Marketplace by selling ebooks, like the majority of other users on the forum. I was selling a spreading method as my first ebook, and I earned around $1,000 at the end. While this was a decent lump sum, I was eager to earn more. Later off, I began delving into the world of software. I released my first program known as 'Galaxy Stealer', which ended up in me receiving over $50 a day in sales. After the success of 'Galaxy Stealer', I went on to make 'Galaxy Logger'. Sales were rough in the beginning, as I was recovering from a recent car accident which resulted in my hospitalization for well over a month, due to the recklessness of a drunk driver. During this time period, I had no access to the forum, and as such I was unable to provide support for the product. Once I fully recovered however, I was back onto the forum, and everything began running smoothly once again. Later on, I released 'Galaxy Crypter', which was an immediate success due to my triumphs in the previous two products in the 'Galaxy' line. Just from the 'Galaxy' line alone, I had generated over $25,000 worth of revenue. Everything was fine up until the 'Galaxy' database was compromised, which resulted in the loss of data. I had to recode stubs, and essentially start back from square one. Eventually, I moved on and released another product called 'ctOS Rat', which soon was followed up by 'logOS Keylogger'. Both products are doing well, and have been generating revenue for my partner (DamienVC) and I. Overall, I can conclude that the Marketplace has indeed left a lasting impact on my Hack Forums experience, as it not only was the start of my career, but also the section where I made a load of money.


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