The Black Knights

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Black Knights
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We are the "Black Knights" but that doesn't necessarily mean we focus only on the darker side of things in this group.
Status: Defunct
Type: Free
Owner: hackdeveto
Past Leaders Hуѕтєяιa X™ Сиссель Wolves Qwazz Xypher happeh
Previous Iteration: -
Next Iteration: -
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We are the "Black Knights" but that doesn't necessarily mean we focus only on the darker side of things in this group. That being said we crew based on black hatting, however, we do accept white hatters and anyone in between as well. We are governed by three main ideas in this group those ideas being: Honor, Loyalty, and Respect.

  • Knights are true “blue” and is at peace with themselves.

As a knight, you will be honest & just in all business and personal relationships.

  • Knights can be trusted for a knight honors his/her word.

As a knight, you will do what you committed to do, when you committed to do it, or make other arrangements.

  • Knights have a profound sense of self respect.

As a knight you must have respect for yourself before you can respect others as your equal.

  • Knights own themselves.

As a knight, your true armor of knighthood is on the inside, not the outside.

  • Knights think before speaking, for once words are spoken, they cannot be taken back.

As a knight, you are bound by your words, choose them wisely.

  • Knight use wisdom and discretion in word and action.

As a knight, you are considerate and compassionate when dealing with other members.

  • Knights take daily action to fortify and strengthen.

Stay active and expand both your mind, and your connection with your fellow knights.

  • Knights are confident and abhor arrogance.

As a knight, you know are willing to help those who are in need, if time permits it.

  • Knights are strong... Yet gentle.

As a knight, you help those less knowledgeable than yourself.

  • Knights activate the brain before using brawn.

When faced with a problem try and understand it before jumping to conclusions.

  • Knights have a light heart and a sense of humor.

As a knight, you can make even the most grueling task easier. Knights know when a joke is destructive. As a knight, you are willing to take a stand when a joke has gone to far.

  • Knights use grace and dignity in words and actions.

Especially when dealing with members not apart of the family.

  • Knights honor and respect procreative power.

As a knight, you always take responsibility when using these powers!


The Black Knights was owned by hackdeveto and ran through the time of it's existence by it's past leaders. The group was first formed in 2008. The group had multiple recruitment threads, went through many members and the purpose of the group changed a handful of times before it was shut down years ago without an exact date known.

Current Status

The group was closed following a leadership dispute with hackdeveto and Existence.