Sushi Lover

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Sushi Lover
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If you're a sushi eater this might be for you.
Type: Regular
Award ID: 57


The Sushi Lover award is an award given out on Hack Forums to users who have showcased their love for sushi. In the past members have received this award for showcasing their recipes or Sushi platters.


Recipient Name Reason Date Given
Gebove Live shrimp are tasty on the tongue. 06-02-2011
kray Scrumptious 07-05-2012
Connected. 06-21-2013
Masamune Eat all the sushi you can. 06-29-2013
Trill‌ Thanks for sharing your pics of the trip to Japan. 10-08-2013
Τrust It's your favorite food in the world. 12-01-2014
Yakz What's your favorite sushi? Mine is yellowtail. 12-16-2015
Parkеr I hope that was an original. Thank you. 11-01-2016