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Frog (Award).png
You're a frog not a prince.
Type: Regular
Award ID: 24


This award doesn't have any specific genre or indication. Frog recipients have been given this award for a variety of reasons, largely unrelated to each other.


Recipient Name Reason Date Given
The Jokerâ„¢ For your pet frog. 12-19-2008
caffeine++ Your laptop is a POS. At least you get an award. 01-31-2009
Dismal. It looks good under your warning level. 12-14-2009
Loka~ Far from prince charming with that hat. 02-20-2010
Vanadium Into the void. 04-25-2011
Codevade Ribbit 09-12-2011
Saged' You're just getting creepy. 09-20-2011
Starstruck Or something. 03-02-2012
Positive "I put yo moniez in yo bankz"" and I was like ""dafuq mommy""..." 07-29-2012
Froggy You're a Froggy not a princess. :) 11-16-2012
Syracusia Rarely do I meet such a high and low quality member at the same time. 12-22-2015