Cuddly and Cute

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Cuddly and Cute
Cuddly and Cute (Award).png
If you're adorable we have no choice but to give you a bear.
Type: Regular
Award ID: 37


The Cuddly and Cute award is rewarded to members who are recognized by Omniscient for being cute and nice.


Recipient Name Reason Date Given
Prettykitty Oh so cute. 11-09-2009
Weather Man For that baby face you have. 02-20-2010
Qwazz For your girlfriend on Valentines Day 2011. 02-15-2011
NATASHAx From Nyx to you. 05-17-2011
Judge Dredd Bugga says happy birthday to you. 11-01-2011
nokia2mon2 I want you to have this. 04-20-2012
Madness Because you're Positive's twin♥ 07-29-2012
Daisy She's got her daddy's money, her mama's good looks and a college education. Now that's a deadly combination. 09-29-2012
Froggy Everyone adores you. 11-16-2012
๖ۣۜ‍Sheepıı What isn't cuddlier than a sheep's wool? 02-05-2013
Apple J4ck. You just seem like a nice guy. 02-18-2013
Natha Teagan and Natha sitting in a get the rest. 04-15-2013
Teagan Teagan and Natha sitting in a get the rest. 04-15-2013
Vicellus Drum Great post about happiness. I hope you have your wish. 05-05-2014
vurezo And this community loves you too. 07-15-2014
CaliLinux Someone has a crush on you. 02-16-2015
Grievοus A teddy bear to keep the puppy company. 12-28-2015