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You love the fight. Be a warrior to get this award.
Type: Regular
Award ID: 16


The Militant award is given to members who have proven to fight for something to the end. This can either be from forum-related drama and events or from real-world scenarios where the users are in the military.


Recipient Name Reason Date Given
iBruteforce You pwn. You pwn. Everywhere you pwn. 10-26-2009
Sarge Serving our nation is a just cause. 12-04-2009
Hуѕтєяιa X™ Enjoy Corporal. 03-28-2011
Zokrin Army ROTC is awesome. 06-22-2011
Link0207 Army wins. 06-29-2011
Delicious You're a legit militant. That's dope. 08-02-2011
A N D R E W I salute you sir. 08-07-2011
Riggs Only real bad-ass members get this. 09-03-2011
Mich@el For all the peacock dick you suck. 04-01-2012
nokia2mon2 For surviving the Arab Spring of 2011. 04-20-2012
Aeon ‹3 Semper Fi 11-15-2012
Tyler777 Go Marines! 08-28-2013
‌‌Tommy My Xmas present to you. Don't pull the pin. 12-25-2013
The Invoker You're certainly a warrior. 04-28-2014
Space Impact Your award. 11-05-2014
Perfec‪t Truly a great soldier. 12-04-2014
Proxseas You're blowing it up with you products. 11-06-2015
Kill Joy Oorah! 12-16-2015
sonex Loved your rant in SNF. 02-09-2016