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Gotta make us laugh to get this one.
Type: Regular
Award ID: 34


The Jokester award is an award granted to members who are constantly funny and make members laugh. Members with the award have been specifically noticed for being hilarious by Omniscient.


Award Name Reason Date Given
Tomber "He guards this section like a lvl 20 dragon when you roll a 3." 04-03-2009
Conspiracy Always making us laugh. 12-22-2009
Tank_ What an awesome welcome message. 02-23-2010
Black Shadow Funny and sexy..what more can you ask for? 10-04-2010
Frag Thanks for elfing me. Pretty funny. 11-14-2010
glamour 02-27-2011
Яǝʌǝɹsǝ For having a good spirit about things and taking it with humor. 04-25-2011
TheHackersLove OMG he was pwned. What a freaking nub. Thanks for the laughs. 07-28-2011
Riggs For Special Riggs. 09-05-2011
Crash™ You ate cat food and hot sauce. That's disgusting bro. 06-26-2012
Makaveli The Don Your jokes suck. 08-13-2012
Stay Plural You got jokes. 03-27-2013
Kentucky For your green and blue moon. Happy Birthday too. 06-19-2013
Orgy As serious as you are you still manage to amuse us and give us a good laugh every now and then. 12-06-2013
Joe‎ me a Mankini and Pom Pom's whilst I dance for Dredd and burn his eyes out. 09-02-2014
Understalker But wait...there's more! 11-26-2014
Trisomy 21 That was really funny. 02-12-2014
xadamxk Nice backup for AF 2015. 04-01-2015
Camerοn I'm not a Brony. 04-27-2015
Bull™ Your humor is subtle. 05-25-2015
Prophet Banana Your idea for the Comedy section. So you deserve this. 05-29-2015
Aeoli At least someone around here knows a few jokes. 02-19-2016
AXiS Probably less funny to you right now but you have to admit it's funny. 03-16-2016
Joey Tribianni It would be weird. That's pretty funny. And welcome back. 03-17-2016
´Versace You proved can hide a fork in a sock and pull it out. 06-15-2016