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Join Date: 08-31-2010

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Connected joined Hack Forums on August 31, 2010 with the original goal of learning how to RAT users who played the game RuneScape. He had joined just to check out one thread on the site regarding the latter and left when he got what he wanted. One year later, however, he decided to come back but he had lost access to the e-mail he used for his account, alongside with forgetting his password. Connected registered again and by providing proof of ownership, both of his accounts were merged and that is the account he uses to this day.

Not many members made an impact on Connected. He made many friends on Hack Forums, but only a few left a positive mark on Connected's life. The two greatest members who made a connection with him were xadamxk and Daisy. xadamxk got Connected into his first group, The Empire. Daisy is "the nicest person on Hack Forums. Both "have always been true" to Connected. The other members made a smaller impact, but are "still great friends." They are Vazity, iNuke, The Don Killuminati, Corso, Peter L, Penar, and Cryptic™.

Connected used to be a member of a lot of groups including Writ3rs, Complexity, Reviewers, The Brotherhood, Black Diamond, and The Empire. However, as of July 20, 2015, he is only in Ub3r and 3p1c.


  • Former leader of the Brotherhood

Contributions, Trivia, and Personal Interests

  • Web designing
  • Marketing
  • Forum activity
  • Gaming
  • Helping others
  • Graphic design