Graphic Master

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Graphic Master
Graphic Master (Award).png
Given monthly to the winner of the Graphic Masters battles.
Type: Discontinued
Award ID: 47


The Graphic Master award was given out to an artist within the Graphic Masters group that wins the most graphic battles of that month. As a result of the Graphic Masters no longer being on Hack Forums, this award cannot be given out to other members unless its intention is changed.


Recipient Name Reason Date Given
Onyx May -> June Graphic Masters battles winner. 06-15-2010
Rhythm April -> May Graphic Masters battles joint winner. 07-16-2010
Buzz Lightyear July -> August Graphic Masters battles winner. 08-18-2010
Untouch555 August > September winner 09-18-2010
Moot For most wins October 2010 11-15-2010
Deities For Dec 2010 01-16-2011
DeMeR Winner June 2011 07-15-2011
xitoxic You are one of HF's true Graphic Masters. 08-24-2015