Gold Medal

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Gold Medal
Gold Medal (Award).png
If you over achieve you gain this medal.
Type: Regular
Award ID: 21


The Gold Medal award is an award for members who are recognized by Omniscient for their hard work and dedication towards the forum, or for doing an exceptionally notable event or milestone. Recipients are often perceived by others as over-achievers or so-called "try hards" in order to attain fame, reputation, or awards.


Award Name Reason Date Given
The Rated R Superstar Because you're a damn fine moderator. 01-05-2010
Robbieava 05-06-2010
Smurfy By being so normal you've overachieved. 11-24-2010
_DeNy 10k posts deserves something. 11-10-2011
mad For your group dedication toward The Empire. 03-19-2013
DLT. It's undeniable you have over achieved. 03-19-2015
TemplarKnight Go all the way and win the gold. 03-09-2016
Rikz Beyond the standard. 05-29-2017
Confound Thanks for helping so much. 08-16-2018
Dripstur You're the Crypto Game rockstar. 07-19-2021
James Democracyforums 08-26-2021
Lavish Living Happy Birthday 09-22-2021
CrazyRDP Great giveaways on HF. 09-20-2022