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If you're the entrepreneurial type you can earn this award.
Type: Regular
Award ID: 58


The Businessman award is given to members who make a name for themselves in the Marketplace and have shown qualities deemed worthy by Omniscient. This award is given to members who have established a reputation for themselves as trustworthy businessmen; who conduct the sales of their product with a mature and cool-headed nature. It is one of the most sought-after awards in the Marketplace for its symbolic nature and the representation of members who possess it.


Recipient Name Reason Date Given
Teflon Never any nonsense or problems from you in Marketplace. Thanks for that. 11-04-2011
Vanadium For all your business knowledge. 11-10-2011
Diabolic You've shown an entrepreneurial spirit. 12-04-2011
Riggs Riggs is special. More so than Codevade. 12-28-2011
ßlΛcksí-íΛdΘw™ Impressive amount of positive business you've done here. 02-17-2012
kray Making good decisions. 07-07-2012
ZooT Keep selling those boxes sir. 08-30-2012
Gwapo He keeps it real. 09-17-2012
xCocaine Conistency is important in business as well. 12-06-2012
Аsylum I'll lay it all on the table for you. 01-13-2013
.Infinity. Day in and day out you're consistent in your dealings. 02-08-2013
Aeon ‹3 True businessman. 02-09-2013
Connected. QuickMoney is right. 03-09-2013
Isidar Make dat money like it's rain from the sky. 04-12-2013
Psomasweb_org You've got on that suit and tie. 05-05-2013
Orgy One award I'm sure you've wanted for a long long time. 05-27-2013
Vazity Keep your business tight. 06-26-2013
Βusiness Your Business so you need the Business award. 09-10-2013
Jоey Business is booming but loosen that tie up every now and then. 10-25-2013
Suits Your business suit award has arrived. 11-28-2013
Tɦɛ Gʀiɱ He's deep into his business. 11-30-2013
Raijin Knows the exchange pretty well. 12-10-2013
Cryptic™ Your VPN service should be what every member strives to achieve at HF. 02-01-2014
Honey Singh No complaints, no bullshit, and no problems. That's business. 03-11-2014
arzel You must be doing something right. 03-26-2014
Maximum You're a serious OG seller. 04-08-2014
Ty ™ One has to wonder if you even know HF has more than a Marketplace. 04-10-2014
.VISIONARY Sometimes it's the new members with fresh energy and ideas that push HF even further. 04-28-2014
Rubentastic That's a great deal of posts in our Marketplace. 05-19-2014
SomeWhiteGuy Go earn some proper money with that savvy business sense you have. 06-11-2014
Bandors Proving yourself to be a boss every day. 06-21-2014
Ɓronx We know this is what you really really wanted. Keep that biz going sir. 08-08-2014
Bull™ Business and friends don't mix. 09-10-2014
Blazin Keeps his tie straight. 10-10-2014
cycloid Running Coinpayments makes you worthy of this award. 10-23-2014
Razοr Pretty sure you've made being a businessman on HF a goal. Something I believe you have reached. 10-26-2014
sonex You're really great with business on HF. 11-03-2014
AnonNinja™ No bullshit. Just Business. 03-14-2015
n0$f3ratu$ Strong presence in the HF Marketplace. 03-24-2015
Salty Bacon You are definitely representing no bullshit. 07-20-2015
xVulnerable A well deserved award for a serious business dude. 07-31-2015
Cibor So far you've been all business. 08-22-2015
Nex+ You continue to build your business. 10-13-2015
Ninetales. This is certainly an award you try hard for. 11-09-2015
Raymond Reddington Pull your tie up. 12-12-2015
McDolands You are all up in the Marketplace making deals. 01-28-2016
Krave Keep up in the Marketplace. 04-11-2016
♋ Goat ♋ Conduct your business. 04-14-2016
TRH4CK You've consistently been professsional. 04-26-2016
KFC Watermelon You have professional conduct. 05-01-2016
Neat You keep it tight. 05-15-2016
Mr. Burnham You post so dang much in our Marketplace. 08-02-2016
Anonymise Happy Birthday to you. 11-06-2016
zSerity One of HF's true professionals at what he does. 11-23-2016
Matt AH Running your business well is important. 02-11-2017
Purple BMX That's a huge boast. 02-21-2017
Shermy You look spiffy in a tie. 02-24-2017
eCoLoGy Keeping with the spirit of a business mind. 06-08-2017
Snow Hopefully you'll be running a new business soon. 08-08-2017