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Show us you're not a tool and be cool.
Type: Regular
Award ID: 25


The Cool award is an award given out to members who are deemed "cool" or "chill" by Omniscient. It is believed that Omniscient hands out the Cool award to members who are often relaxed or portray some kind of "charm" that is deemed as such.


Recipient Name Reason Date Given
japon Using Xen3 makes you cool. 12-19-2008
OFOOLES I love your username. Don't ever change it. hehe 09-03-2009
TANK_ For your Outside the Box thinking. 12-14-2009
Leonard Hofstadter For being very relaxed person. 02-05-2010
Factor8™ You been a relaxed member showing that you can be cool. 02-16-2010
ProfessionalCriminal Every post is so well constructed. Great member. 02-19-2010
Metal Tiger Thanks for the generous give-away. 03-02-2010
Unlock Solutions Thanks for the generous give-away. 03-02-2010
Sparky For the Homie thread via Twitter. Congrats. 05-30-2010
NaDe You've always been down. Everyone pretty much likes you. 09-28-2010
Poppins And I thought poppins was an 80's dance style. 01-13-2011
iolaka We don't have enough cool members like you. 150 reps given and not one negatives. Thanks. 04-13-2011
Bread Such a freaking wacko. 07-25-2011
Splodge0007 Sometimes it take just one sentence. 11-09-2011
Positive Woop der it is. You're cool now. 03-04-2012
Ancient Productions Thanks for being understanding. 03-04-2012
Teflon Because you're so chill you deserve these. 05-26-2012
Christofort Oldfags can be cool too. 09-13-2012
Juicy Booty Yes you're cool. 11-05-2012
Paranormal You seem like a people person. Thanks very being nice., [sic] 01-13-2013
Hexicidal You've been very cool your whole time on HF. 01-21-2013
KyleWTF It's for the Empire. And you're cool too. 01-28-2013
Platinum You're one of the cool kids. 02-02-2013
Sam. You're cool and you can get down on the dance floor. 02-08-2013
Pali No flash. Just cool. 03-20-2013
Teh Afro Teh Afro is da cool fro bro. Thanks for being chill. 04-02-2013
Froggy There should be a double cool award for you. 04-27-2013
'Snorlax It's a paper weight and you're cool. 06-03-2013
Sigma Very original move. 08-01-2013
Miki You're a little cool. 10-08-2013
webdev77 Because you made 10k posts and didn't need fancy formatting. 11-11-2013
m0n0p0ly I think we can all agree you're cool. 12-03-2013
Σxile $ or ♥ or $ or ♥ or $ or ♥ or $ or ♥ 04-10-2014
Cooligan Go to school to be cool. Good job but you still have a long life ahead of you. Make something of it. 05-21-2014
Arrow Arrow is a pretty good show and you've been pretty cool. 06-05-2014
Nivarka Just keep doing what you're doing. 07-23-2014
Black Shadow Your cool enough but you need to chill out. 09-21-2014
Gt403cyl For being an overall cool HF member. Thanks. 10-20-2014
Space Impact Cool. 11-05-2014
Honey Singh Always been a cool chill guy. 11-28-2014
BooGod I think you're cool. 12-15-2014
Connected You've always been a cool guy. Keep it that way. 03-07-2015
Wires Team Lynx was a nice idea. Thanks for the feedback. 03-20-2015
Tick You're very cool. Just remember that. 03-27-2015
BitMoney You are cool. I can vouch for that. 04-27-2015
Lani A super cool dude. 05-11-2015
JDCL You're chill dude. Thanks. 05-13-2015
Understalker A final award for you. 07-17-2015
Talu You are absolutely a cool dude. 07-25-2015
itsmeLOL Appreciate those kinds words and you're cool too. 08-13-2015
Raymond Reddington You're absolutely cool and I'm going to call you RR from now on. 10-21-2015
Roger Waters Happy Halloween. 10-31-2015
Productivity To you sir for being so cool and chill. 12-18-2015
'Cynical I read something cool you wrote. 12-20-2015
Assault Thoguht you were a really good group owner. 01-06-2016
TRH4CK You are in general a chill dude. 01-27-2016
Night Fury You've grown and you're learning life lessons. 03-23-2016
iHydra We all think you're cool for your HF News work. 04-13-2016
Previously Known As.... Welcome back. 06-25-2016
boo5t Just letting you know that you got the cool factor going on. 08-05-2016
Views Poetry in motion. 09-10-2016
H3God Indeed you are a cool guy on HF. 12-18-2016
Brenton You're chill and cool. Keep it nice. 01-29-2017
Escrow You've always been real cool. 02-20-2017
Divined Less than a tool and almost cool. 05-21-2017
~Dec You're cool. I can see that. 07-11-2017
NurSpec Pool cool in the summer and be nice to get ice. 07-26-2017
Kill Joy No doubt you're cool. 08-12-2017
Lexsern Your generosity and your patience make you very cool. 08-25-2017