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An Award Goal. Have an approved Testimonial thread.
Type: Goal
Award ID: 94


The Testified Award was first introduced as an earnable award in October 2016 accompanied by the Testimonials Subforum encouraging members to share a real-life testimonial of how HackForums experiences have influenced their lives in a positive manner.

You must submit a testimonial in the Testimonials Subforum to earn this award, Testimonials are reviewed by site moderators before being published, once published the award is granted at a later date by site Staff.

The guidelines for Testimonials are as follows;-

  1. We aren't interested in hearing about criminal or blackhat activity.
  2. If your testimonial thread is denied then do not make a new one.
  3. Video testimonials are okay but should also include a decent amount of actual text in the post as well.
  4. Grammar and formatting is important so please ensure that your thread adheres to a high standard.
  5. We want to read about your positive experiences on HF and possibly how HF has affected your life in a positive manner.


There are no known recipients of this award at this time, or they have not been specified.